It is widely understood that the best opportunity for me as your agent to engage with a buyer and have the buyer engage with your home is through a private viewing.

Private viewings allow for me to sell the benefits and features of your home without distraction, without time constraints, and without the prospect of another person present dissuading any buyer interest I may be observing.

However OPEN HOMES are EQUALLY an extremely effective way of marketing your property and attracting interest from a wide variety of buyers. Some of the main advantages are:

  • You have plenty of time to ensure your property is tidy and ready for inspections
  • You can control the time to suit the property’s attributes
  • OPEN HOMES can create plenty of activity, even in a slow market
  • Interest and activity on site can trigger urgency with buyers
  • I have the opportunity to talk to numerous people about your property in a short space of time and sell the great characteristics and features
  • Comments from OPEN HOME visitors can provide useful feedback on price, presentation, sales appeal, etc.
  • In my sales experience most of the time a buyer has been introduced to a property through an OPEN HOME as opposed to a private viewing.



Buyers purchase with emotion rather than with logic. To enable me to encourage a potential buyer to take emotional ownership of a property, I recommend that vendors are not present in the property during OPEN HOMES.

The way your property is presented for sale will be different to the way it is presented when you live in it. The reason for this is I want to ensure buyers feel as though they can picture themselves living within the home as they inspect the property.

That’s why I also recommended that personal effects are put away, such as photographs, mail, personal items on the refrigerator etc. I understand it can be difficult to detach from your property, but try to think of your existing home in a practical sense when preparing for an OPEN HOME and perhaps start to think of your next property as your new home.


I haven’t encountered any security issues in my Real Estate career to date but that does not invite complacency.

Security is an important consideration and something that is no doubt important to the overwhelming majority of people.

During the OPEN HOME, I will take the utmost care in looking after your belongings, protect your investment and safeguard your interests. I require the principal of any group viewing your property to provide their name, phone number and email address.

Most people provide correct details and from my considerable experience as a police detective I have a great knack for working out when someone is not being above board or likely to be an issue warranting close attention or intervention.

I suggest that if you do have items of value, such as jewellery, money, electronics or small ornaments, that you remove these items from view or take them with you. 99.9% of people are genuine and honest but prevention is always the best idea.

While I am at your home, I will turn all of the lights on and ensure that the doors and windows are open (weather permitting). Once I have finished the OPEN HOME I will ensure that all of the lights have been turned off and any doors and windows that were opened at the beginning of the OPEN HOME have been closed.


To make the process as easy as possible, it is essential to provide a key prior to the first open home that I can keep in my secure key system. Upon the successful settlement of your home, I hand over any keys that I have to the new owner. If your home is withdrawn from the market, I immediately return the keys to you.



Buyer enquiry and inspections will be at their highest when your property first enters the market. Current prospective buyers will always be quick to view a new listing and these first visitors to your property are of a very high quality as they consist mainly of people who are actively looking to buy now.

In a thriving market my experience is that you get a decent turnout to the first OPEN HOME sometimes 25 groups plus.. and then generally speaking half that at the second OPEN HOME, if not slightly over half. Thereafter marketing determines the turnout.

Once the initial rush of existing active buyers has passed, you may feel concerned or anxious as the level of enquiry decreases. Rest assured I will be staying in regular contact with all potential buyers and keep you informed as I continue to market your property to any new buyers entering the market as will the entire Harcourts sales team.

In my experience I have sometimes found that the level of telephone and also email inquiry is restricted by having an OPEN HOME time advertised online. A buyer may sometimes notice you have an OPEN HOME time, and then decide not to call or email as they will simply attend the OPEN HOME so a lack of inquiry is not necessarily a discouraging sign.

Following every OPEN HOME I email all groups with an information pack concerning your property and then phone around for feedback, interest, questions or clarifications. I generally call around on Monday as that gives people an opportunity to chill out after a busy Sunday and also receive and digest the information pack.

These buyers will be incorporated into an email loop throughout the campaign to sell your property ensuring they are up to date with any developments or deadlines that are upcoming. In my experience it has occurred where a buyer who said they weren’t interested later bought the property simply by being kept informed during the campaign.


I believe OPEN HOMES, if they can be logistically accommodated in terms of access, parking and dimensions without causing aggravation to buyers, are definitely a beneficial and rewarding thread of your sales campaign. The advantages heavily outnumber the disadvantages and there is a very real chance I will meet your buyer at the OPEN HOME.

Feel free to come along to one of my OPEN HOMES – I really look to create a buzz in a property, and the real satisfaction in my job comes from creating a mob positive mentality in an OPEN HOME where the atmosphere is upbeat and energetic – that’s when I know I’m doing my job right – for you and for your buyers.

For more information, or for questions or clarifications, feel free to get in touch anytime 027 532 3273

Get into it!