If you want your property to look its best in an effort to impress potential buyers then the following simple tips should help.

Advising clients on how to best present their home for sale is a major part of what I do and I have an experienced eye for where the value is in your property and how to best maintain and enhance that value.

Preparation and presentation are vital. Personally, I used to be a Police Detective investigating serious crimes so I learned to plan for everything and to see everything  – great skills to work for you in Real Estate.

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Right, here are the tips –


Removing clutter helps areas to appear more spacious and allows purchasers to visualise their belongings in your home. So Important! Think of this process as a head start on the packing you will eventually need to do anyway and for example clear off everything on kitchen counters, minimise the amount of ornaments and other items on display and organise your cupboards and wardrobes. As part of my standard listing services I provide a variety of packing and storage options, as well as being able to refer to professional home organisation specialists and homestagers.

I personally recommend Less Mess for your de-cluttering and hands-on home organising, check out their website HERE and when we get Steph in to get you sorted, I’ll make sure you get the sharpest possible deal at the time.


Sparkle Up:

A concerted clean-up can make a big difference. So, thoroughly vacuum and dust and also do everything from washing windows and polishing faucets to water-blasting outside and even getting the carpets cleaned. In addition it’s a good idea to air-out all the rooms and to replace worn rugs, to hang-up fresh towels and to put on new bedspreads. it can be a great help to have a fresh set of critical eyes look over your home. Because you are there day in and day out you may not always notice some of the smaller imperfections that will attract the eye of a buyer. I personally love a home that feels and lives like a home but I also have a great eye for detail and can give you down to earth real suggestions and direction on where to best focus the sparkle-up efforts.


Repair It:

Inspect your property and ensure you take care of minor repairs and maintenance such as replacing cracked floor tiles, repairing holes in walls, fixing leaky faucets and doors or drawers that jam and replacing blown light bulbs.  It may even be worth considering painting your walls, certainly a whip around touching up paint chips and marks is a worthwhile exercise and does not cost much to do. I have access to a fantastic network of tradespeople and experience to take care of most of the minor repair or touch up work that may be required, often at no additional cost to you real estate campaign.


Remove It:

Remove excess furniture: Almost every home shows better with less furniture, it just open ups the floorplan and it can also admit light that has been occluded, so organise temporary storage for excess items. In particular make sure you remove pieces of furniture that block walkways within or between rooms and leave just enough furniture in each room to showcase the room’s purpose while leaving plenty of room to move around. Removing particular furniture items that have a strong personal flair can sometimes assist in allowing a prospective purchaser to visualise their own decor or lifestyle in that space.



Street appeal:

Do your best to make sure your property has its maximum street appeal. At the very least ensure lawns are mown and gardens are tidy, that your letterbox is in good order and your house number is clearly visible. You only have one chance to make a first impression. Not all properties have street appeal but usually there is something that can be done to tidy and lift the access way that your prospective buyers will take to enter the property. Part of my standard real estate services is to take care of the street appeal for you, because you don’t need the stress, you just need the job done.


Maintain as you go:

Maintaining your home regularly is the greatest investment in time and money to protect your property and ensure that the above steps have maximum impact when the time comes. So often I have clients say they wish they had known, let alone kept up with certain maintenance areas on the property, its just a matter of doing all the small jobs and tidy-ups in a timely and frequent manner.

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I will tell you where the value is in your property and how you can maintain and improve it. It’s a major part of what I do with Harcourts, costs you only 15 minutes and it can only help to get our opinion. Call anytime on 0275323273 or email on corey.watts@harcourts.co.nz

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