The Market Is Shifting. It Is Happening Now. House Prices Are Falling Faster Than Interest Rates Are Rising. Fewer  People Expect House Prices To Rise In Next Year. Advertised Asking Prices for Auckland Homes are falling – Month On Month. House Values Look Set to Fall 12% by 2020.

There are Now Strong Signs of a Market Slowdown. We could be at the peak of the market, very close to it, or even heading down the other side.

If you have a property to sell or which could be a candidate to sell, then now is the time, sure as eggs Wellington follows Auckland trends – note: follows Auckland trends – so there is still a window of opportunity – that window of opportunity is now – Call me On (027)5323273 or email to get underway.

If you are a buyer then it’s time to redouble your efforts and look for opportunities to arise that may have seemed an impossibility only a matter of weeks or months ago. Don’t necessarily wait for the correction to take hold, it’s always best to buy now and step out of unpredictable market fluctuations altogether – Call me On (027)5323273 or email  to get your finance pre-approved and find a property.

Many of the headlines coming out now are reporting a shift in the market. We are seeing similar signs in the market right now. Stock is still at low levels. This will keep the prospects of achieving a premium price looking good for now. There is no point in waiting to lose money to acknowledge the shift, act now and make money.

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Media Links:

Housing affordability improving in most parts of the country as prices fall faster than interest rates are rising:

New Zealand House Prices Look Set to fall 12% by 2020 – that’s only 2 years away!

For two consecutive months advertised property asking prices for Auckland homes have fallen!

Auckland residential properties among some of the hardest to sell with Barfoot and Thomson converting only 38% of auctions sales to SOLD

Fewer People believe that house prices will rise over the next 12 months

Supply is a Very Big Issue – Could This Keep Your House Price Stable in the Short Term