Hi, I’m Corey Watts. I am a licensed salesperson with the local Harcourt’s Office based out of Johnsonville, Wellington.

Why me?

My first car journey ever after being born ended out in Johnsonville, and I never really left the Northern suburbs.

  • I played, schooled, and grew up in this area – I know the nooks and the crannies.
  • I was a Police Officer here for many years and all over Wellington, I know the streets, I feel an enduring guardianship over this area.
  • I am known ubiquitously for my energy and enthusiasm – I’ll chase down every lead and that simply spells success for you. I don’t cut any corners; it’s just that I get into it.

Why now?

  • The number one reason for the high and often astonishing current sales figures is a drought like lack of supply –. It will pay to act now and seize the opportunity as when levels restore sale values will stabilise.

What do I know?

  • Since September last year I have more than 45 properties in this area across broad sections of the market. I am as familiar with the 2 bedroom unit as I am with the modern executive alcazar.
  • I have access to a large contact database who regularly feed back market observations and this combined with the skill to critically analyse recent comparable sales give you the assurance that I know the market.

I can give you the latest picture of your property in “today’s” market.

 It’s easy – Just text or call me on 027 532 3273 and I’ll arrange the rest.

  • It’s easy – Just email watts@harcourts.co.nz
  • it’s easy – Just find me at com/coreywattsrealestate

I know of buyers virtually losing sleep every night on mattresses made out of the money they can’t spend on a home. They might sleep easier with that money in your bank.

Whatever you are doing in the real estate market I can help you out so please just get in touch and I’ll be happy to chat, you can get me anytime on 0275323273

Cheers for taking the time to read my note and I look forward to meet you soon.